The Problem

On December 4th, 2020 we released version 2.6 of OpenPNM with many great new features and important bugfixes…

…but almost nobody noticed!

There is no mechanism on Github for sending an email blast to all the stargazers. The watchers get notified in their Github dashboard, but only a fraction of people are watching compared stargazers. In fact, we don’t actually know who is using OpenPNM. It’s certainly more than the ‘stargazers’ and ‘watchers’, because not everyone that downloads, clones, or forks our repos will click those buttons.

The Solution

We started this Substack channel address this problem. Substack is a long-overdue idea. Instead of having to sift through your Facebook or Twitter feeds to find news, Substack will send our news directly to your email inbox in the form a newsletter. Substack offers all the benefits of a social media platform (you can choose to follow or not), but without all the noise (although email can be noisy to be sure).

The Mission

Anyway, we’re going to try this approach for any and all announcements. Things you can expect to hear about are:

  • New releases

  • Upcoming workshops or short courses

  • Freshly posted tutorial videos or example notebooks

  • Maybe a request for info or feedback

We expect to send about 6-8 emails per year, so not exactly information overload.